Free West Papua : TNI: There are Foreign Planes Spy Papua

Reported from VIVA, the Indonesian National Army states during this time many foreign flights that enter the airspace of Papua. In fact, they spy on the condition of Papua.
According to the Commander of the National Air Defense Sector IV Marsma TNI Jorry Koloay, foreign aircraft in and out of the Papua airspace with ease due to the lack of infrastructure and flight inspection personnel.
For the last year alone, there were seven illegal foreign flights crossing the air of Papua, they flew from Australia to Guam and the Philippines and vice versa, "said Jorry Koloay in Jayapura, Tuesday, July 17, 2018.
The one-star general said that foreign flights crossing the air of Papua are considered illegal, because the permits they have on the fly do not match what is reported.
"There is a permit, but the type of aircraft reported differently, even people in the aircraft are also different so we consider illegal," he said.
According to him, there are also foreign flights that make observations and reconnaissance as well as aerial photographs secretly. Another vulnerability, he added, is that many of Papua's internal flights have no fly permits.
"There are 302 airfields and airports in Papua, while infrastructure and human resources are so limited that they are difficult to control, and this is what makes illegal flights unreliable," he said.
The airspace of Papua is also very vulnerable from acts of terror, either from armed groups or terrorists because the territory of Papua is bordered by other countries.
"The aviation potential is plagued by very high terrorist groups because of its vast territory and borders with other countries such as Australia, the Philippines, PNG as well as other Pacific countries," he said.
Jorry Koloay said, it takes about three thousand personnel to control 302 airports in Papua.
"If the airport and the airport in Papua are 302, then the required personnel are around three thousand, or five to six battalions," Jorry said.

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