Free West Papua : TNI Plant Vegetables For People of Papua

Various types of plant seeds, began to be planted by the task force of the Yonif Raider 500 / Mines in the border region of Indonesia-Papua New Guinea. Although not so. However, the land is located in the postal area of the post of the pug of pamtas, is considered very supportive for use as agricultural land.

Demenatgas pamtas Yonif Raider 500 / Sikatan, Lt. Col. Sidik Wiyono said, the land in Boven Digoel Regency, considered to have its own attractiveness to serve as an agricultural area for the daily needs of surrounding communities and personnel.

"The texture of the soil is very good. Therefore, we use to grow crops, "he said. "The results fit the planting, we use for the needs of the community and the soldiers," said Dansatgas Pamtas Yonif Raider 500 / Sikatan, Monday (9/7/2018). In addition to the long bean seeds, he said, the task force and the community in the border area, also planted various other agricultural seeds, including chili seeds.

"We take care together, the results of farming we also use together for daily needs," he said. He hopes, with the number of agricultural land in the area of duty, can meet, as well as support the Government program, especially in the national food security endeavors.

"We also provide a briefing to the community how to grow crops and raising good. It is for their needs (the community), "he said. "If you want to buy, actually can. But the location is far, the price is certainly not like the prices in general (expensive), "he added.

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