Free West Papua : RI Holds 51 Percent Share Freeport

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated that the holding of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) of PT Inalum mine has reached an agreement with Freeport McMoRan regarding the acquisition of a 51 percent stake in PT Freeport Indonesia.With this agreement, Indonesia will control 51 percent of Freeport shares operating in Papua.

Previously, Indonesia has only 9.36 percent of shares of companies from the United States (US). "I have received reports that our mining holding, Inalum, has reached an initial agreement with Freeport processing to increase our ownership to 51 percent from 9.36 percent previously.Alhamdulillah," he said in BSD, Tangerang, Thursday (12/7 / 2018).

According to him, the certainty of the transfer of shares is only awaiting the signing process from the Indonesian side and Freeport McMoran."The name is already a deal, just signing in. Technical is still in the minister," he continued.According to Jokowi, this stock transfer process is quite tough. But he was grateful that this could be resolved.

"Yes as we know Freeport Indonesia manages the mine for almost 50 years, 3.5 years that we try very hard and very intense because it involves negotiations that are not easy," he said.

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