Free West Papua : Response Police to Data of the murder of 95 Persons in Papua

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Reported from Tirto, Amnesty International noted there are about 95 victims of murder in Papua who died outside the legal process conducted by the Police and the TNI. Police Headquarters claimed that the Police action in Papua was in accordance with the operational standards of the applicable procedures.
This was conveyed by Kadiv Public Relations Police, Inspector General Setyo Wasisto on Monday (2/7/2018). Setyo did not deny that the Police committed murder of dozens of people in Papua, but he hoped the public would see that the police action was in accordance with the rule of law.
According to him, the police are working to protect the community. The strict action taken against the perpetrators, Setyo said, because there are actions that threaten the community. "If the police do not act, he dies, the police must act."
"If the police do not act as the wrong police, that is the first, the second, most members of the National Police, Brimob, Kapolres, Sabhara, I am not sure if they kill their brothers," said Setyo at Police Headquarters, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.
According to Setyo, the police were not formed to kill people. Polri's actions are repercussions and firm actions measured by firing organized by law.
Setyo also considers Amnesty International unfair because it only sees from the point of view of the perpetrators who were shot by the Police and the TNI. In fact, should Amnesty International also see the number of casualties from the authorities. However, he did not want to disclose the number of casualties from the police.
"Is this Amnesty International, just judging the Papuans or the police members of the Papuan people or something?" he said again.
"Did he just see the activists only? The other community how? The police there how, whether the police are not human? TNI not human? The fair dong."

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