Free West Papua : Participation Election of Papuan governor in Merauke Reaches 70%

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Reported from Teropongnews, the participation of governor election and deputy governor of Papua province in 2018 in Merauke district as a whole reaches figure above 70%.
Where is the valid ballot of 20 districts that have entered about 60%. This has not yet been added with an unauthorized ballot that reaches more than 10% thus the total valid and unauthorized ballot papers can reach above 70%.
Chairman of KPU Merauke Antonius Kaize when met reporters in his office Monday (2/7/2018) said the results of the election of governor and deputy governor of Papua province in 2018 still waiting for plenary KPU which is planned on 6 July 2018.
"Of the 20 districts in Merauke district, the lowest level of community participation in Merauke district is 50%. This is due to the delay of the C 6 KWK model form, "said Antonius.
Thus at the time of voting many visible form C 6 piled up in polling stations and many people are reluctant to the TPS because they feel not terdatfar, for not receiving the invitation.
Known, the plenary results in 20 districts Gjbernur and vice provincial governor of Papua 2018, paslon number one get 11.127 votes with 38.708% persetase and paslon serial number two get 13,484 votes with percentage 39.693% of 465 polling stations in Merauke regency.

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