Free West Papua : Papua continues to improve cocoa production

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Reported from Tabloidjubi, Papua Provincial Plantation Office continues to increase cocoa production, by expanding the area, intensification and rehabilitation of agriculture.
Head of Papua Provincial Plantation Office, Jhon Nahumury said cocoa commodities from Papua already have a good market share. Therefore it is necessary to expand the area, intensification and rehabilitation of agriculture for increased production and pests and diseases continue to decline.
"This is what we are pushing for, especially after we have prepared no days without maintenance, cocoa production has increased in cocoa centers," Jhon told reporters in Jayapura recently,
According to him, currently local farmers in Papua have not been able to meet the domestic demand reached 750 tons, but it is optimistic, in the future there will be significant progress.
Because he said, cocoa is a folk plantation that is familiar with the people of Papua, so that in the centers of development continue to be encouraged increased production.
"Development of cocoa is usually constrained by pest attacks, so that with the mass movement no day without maintenance and maintenance of cocoa plants, is expected to increase production," he said.
Assistant for Economic Affairs and People's Welfare of Papua Secretary Noak Kapisa said the Papua Provincial Government continues to encourage local farmers to develop coffee and cocoa commodities. This is in order to prepare themselves to meet market demand.
"This is an opportunity for farmers to increase production, let alone the price of cocoa and coffee beans in the market continues to improve and market demand is increasing," said Elia.
For the development of these two commodities, he said, the Mamta region is very strategic for cocoa. While the mountainous region of Papua is very good for coffee. "Coffee from the mountain region has its own taste, and farmers are now starting to expand the land," he concluded.

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