Free West Papua : Cendrawasih Kapendam Explains Nduga Situation on Air Attack Issues

Reported from KompasHead of Information of Kodam 17 (Kapendam) Cenderawasih Infantry Colonel Muhammad Aidi explained the condition of Nduga, Papua following the hoaks news about air strikes and bombing in Kampung Alurugu, Kenyam District, Nduga, Papua, on July 11.
Aidi asserted that until now there are no helicopters belonging to the TNI, TNI AU, AD and AL operated in Nduga for administrative activities, logistic dispatches especially for raids and bombings.
Aidi explained that the incident that occurred on July 11 and then only happened shoot contact between police personnel and Armed Separatist Kriminal Group (KKSB).
At that time, Polairud's helicopter in charge of transporting logistics from Timika to Kenyam would land KKSB shot from Aluguru Village, so Brimob personnel guarding helicopters returned fire, assisted by police on duty on the ground.
"The result of the incident is not known whether there were any casualties or not from the attackers, because the security forces did not conduct further pursuits," Aidi said in an official release on Sunday (07/15/2010) night.
"Even if they report there is a definite victim of the victim from the KKSB party that carry out the attack, not the ordinary people because the security forces only returned fire to the direction of the attack," he added.
Aidi said that after a series of shootings carried out by KKSB at the end of June, TNI-Polri and Nduga Regional Government held a meeting.
In the meeting mentioned Kampung Aluguru is a place that was used as headquarters by the joint KKSB of Mapenduma, Sinak, Tiom and other regions.
"Indications initially they want to thwart the election process in Nduga by carrying out a series of acts of terror, including shelling civilian aircraft that are needed to supply the basic needs of Nduga society, massacring innocent civilians even small children participate hacked," he explained.
Then, Aidi continued, in the meeting, it was agreed that law enforcement and law enforcement would be carried out by putting forward the actions of the police.
Meanwhile, TNI officers still carry out the guidance of the region. However, incidentally, when deemed necessary TNI troops, it will move against the selected target.
"So all the actions of the security forces in Nduga have been coordinated with the local government," he said.
For that, said Aidi, the presence of Brimob units in Nduga in the context of securing Pilkada as well as law enforcement and enforcement against the perpetrators of airplane shootings and massacres against the public.
"While TNI troops have been insert for a long time in Nduga until now there has been no additional troops," he said.
Aidi also denied statements from Egianus Kogeya that said there were four Air Force helicopters carrying out air strikes and bombings in Aluguru.
"The statement is very basic, even if the person states that he himself as a witness is very natural, because he and his group are the target of law enforcement by the security forces after a series of acts of terror and massacre of innocent people," he said.
Earlier, Eginus Kogeya who claimed to be the commander of the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) National Command Operation Kodap III Ndugama said the Air Force used four helicopters, one of which bombed and released to Kampung Alurugu. Even Elginus also claimed after the attack, seven of his subordinates disappeared and people flee into the forest.
According to Aidi, the statement delivered by Egianus Kogeya is an effort to turn facts to get the attention and support from the parties concerned. Aidi asserted, security officers will continue to pursue KKSB in the framework of law enforcement and enforcement.
However, if KKSB voluntarily consigned himself and his weapon to the authorities, it will be guaranteed security and safety.
Related to the people who fled to the forest, according to Aidi is not true. Because, now the situation in the Kenyam conducive and normal community activities.
"Mama-mama and shop owners have started to open kiosks and selling," he said. Aidi explained, people who go to the forest is a community that comes from the District of Yuguru, Paro, Mugi and Mapenduma.
They will return from Kenyam to their respective villages by walking through the forest because there are no planes. "Travel time varies according to the distance between one day to three days.
It has become a habit of Nduga community for this, "he said.

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