Free West Papua : Build Road in Papua, Kemendes Please Distribution Mature

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Yalimo regency, Papua province, will have a strategic road along 575 meters. The road is intended to support the local economy.
Director of Infrastructure Improvement, Directorate General for Disadvantaged Area Development (Ditjen PDT) Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Kemendes PDTT) Agus Kuncoro hopes that road development assistance can be useful for the development of disadvantaged areas especially to support the distribution of superior products.
"In the implementation, local government in this case the local Public Works Office is expected to carry out its duties and functions properly as a regional controller responsible for implementing control activities in the region," said Agus in a written statement on Thursday (5/7/2018).
Nevertheless, Agus requested that the local government can take advantage of and account for road development funds provided.
"With the clear division of roles above, strategic road construction works can be done on time and accountable from technical and administrative aspects," continued Agus.
It was said Agus when visiting the location of strategic roads development activities in Kampung Ohoam, Elelim District, Papua, Wednesday (4/7). The delegation was accompanied by the Head of Department of Public Works (Kadis) of local PU, Yan Ukago, Head of Bina Marga, Jonathan and some staffs in the environment of the Department of Public Works of Yalimo Regency.
At the activity site, Yan Ukago shows the zero point of activity. He explained that the road construction in accordance with the planning is 575 meters in line with the proposal from the region.
That location, according to Yan Ukago, will be built settlements and production centers to support the regional economy in Yalimo District.
He also revealed as a new district (New Autonomous Region), Yalimo District currently develops RT / RW which in its implementation requires funding that is not small.
Therefore, on that occasion, his side appreciated and thanked KDPDTT especially Directorate of Infrastructure Improvement that helped Yalimo Regency to support development in the district.

Source : Detik

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