Free West Papua : Bawaslu Call Participation Of Papuans In The 2018 High Election

Jakarta, Members of the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) Mochammad Afifuddin admitted to being surprised that voter participation in 2018 was the highest in Papua. In fact, he added, Papua was hit by a conflict ahead of the vote on June 27, 2018. However, compared to the other 170 regions that also held elections this year precisely Papua the highest participation.

"While the highest, I think with some records on the incident in Papua, the highest in Papua, 84 percent," said Afif at Bawaslu office, Jakarta, Thursday (12/7). If totaled, he added, there were 2,910,501 voters in Papua who exercised their right to vote. Afif explained that the General Elections Commission (KPU) is targeting 77 percent of voter participation in the 2018 election. Of the target set by the KPU, Afif continued, only Papua reached, even exceeding the target.

Pilgub Papua vote was postponed in Paniai and Nduga areas. Postponement in Paniai akibar late electoral logistics to the polls (polling station) on the day of voting on 27 June. While the delay in Nduga, is related to the conflict set up by insurgent groups. West Kalimantan is second in terms of voter turnout with 75 percent of the total number of voters. In other words, there are 2,643,474 people who channel their voting rights. Followed by West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) with 74 percent or 2,637,963 people using the right to vote.

Regarding the region with the lowest voter turnout, Afif said Riau and East Kalimantan are in the most distended position. Voter participation in these two provinces only reached 58 percent of the total number of voters in each region. Afif said the average total gubernatorial election participation in 17 provinces only reached 69 percent. Still below the target set by the KPU, which is 77 percent. "So in our opinion, the record still needs to be encouraged public participation in order to really maximal up to the highest point," said Afif.

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