Free West Papua : Anticipate Disturbance And Threat, UPBU Mopah Airport Held Socialization

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Reported from Teropongnews, in order to minimize the potential disturbance and threats at the airport mopah Airport Service Unit (UPBU) Mopah Merauke, Tuesday (03/07) morning held Socialization of Airport Security Program internally.
The socialization that was held involved members of the airport security committee such as TNI-AU, Army, Lantamal, Police, Airport Authority and the airlines operating in Merauke.
"Potential harassment and threats at the Airport should always be prevented. Where security threats often occur at the airport katrna is one of the vital objects where goods and human traffic between regions, "said the head of UPBU Airport Class I Mopah Merauke Budi Djatmiko on the sidelines of the activity.
In tambahanya, through the Ministry of Transportation regulation, at least every two years must be held in member meetings. The goal is for all members of the airport security committee to have a program according to their respective tupoksinya.
About the airport security mopah said Budi, it will always coordinate with airport security personnel, to always always improve the security system at the airport, in order to avoid the things that are not desirable.

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