Free West Papua : Within a Month, 6 Ammunition Suppliers to OPM (Free Papua Organization) Successfully Secured and Captured

JAYAPURA (PT) - Police efforts uncovered a network of ammunition suppliers to the armed Kriminal Group (KKB) which has been shooting to the point of causing casualties, finally arrested within one month.

Director of General Criminal Investigation (Direskrimum) Papua Police, Senior Commissioner of Police. Toni Harsono explained that as many as six perpetrators were arrested in two different areas, namely Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency on 1 June 2018 and in Timika, Mimika Regency on 9 and 10 June 2018.

The six actors that is berannal EW, RH and WH currently in hold at Mapolda Papua. While three other actors initials PO, YD and Kindergarten are still held in Mapolres Mimika.

"From the hands of the six actors, we managed to secure as many as 329 rounds of ammunition," he explained when holding a press conference in Papua Mapolda on Wednesday (14/06/2018).

Described, the arrest of these perpetrators started from the arrest of the perpetrator EW in the city of Wamena on June 1, 2018 with ammunition evidence of 50 items.

Then it did the development until successfully arrested again RH and RW actors along with evidence of 122 ammunition.

"With the capture of the perpetrators are expected to decide the chain of supply chain ammunition. Because alleged perpetrators as suppliers of ammunition for KKB leaders Kali Coffee in Timika who often do terror shootings in Tembagapura, "he explained.

Toni Harsono also said that Papua Police investigators are still investigating the perpetrators, because until now the perpetrators have not been open to the mode used in supplying ammunition and where the sources of ammunition were obtained.

"Obviously this dark circulation, let alone each actor does not know each other, only recognize the face. The perpetrators will be subject to Emergency Law No.12 of 1951 jo article 55 to 1 e Criminal Code, article 1 e, 2 e Criminal Law on the possession of weapons, ammunition and explosives, "said Toni.

Meanwhile, based on the acknowledgment of one of the actors, one ammunition item was sold at Rp 100 thousand with the profit earned from 50 ammunition sold for Rp 5 million.

In the same place, Director of the Policy and Human Rights Advocacy Association (PAKHAM) of Papua, Matthew Murib insisted that law enforcement by the Police of Papua Police was a longing by his side.

Therefore, the presence of KKB already very disturbing the community, so it must be acted firmly.

"We support this police action to resolve all incidents of armed violence in the Land of Papua," he added.

He advised the KKB to lay down arms and take the path of dialogue with the local government or the Provincial Government of Papua and the Central Government in Jakarta.

"Because now is not the time to solve the problem with the arms but there is still a better path that can be taken," he concluded. (jul / dm)

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