Here are Some Tricks to See Birds of Cenderawasih In Papua

PAPUANEWS.ID - Tambrauw District in West Papua is suspected to be the best bird watching paradise spot. Because, geographically, this region is located between the highlands and lowlands that overshadow all species of paradise living in the two areas.One spot of observation is in the Miyah District. Travel time is approximately 4-5 hours from the capital while Tambrauw, Sausapor. To be able to observe birds, tourists must meet several conditions.This was conveyed by local residents, Vince and Sleke, while escorting Tempo with expedition team from Deputy of Tourism Destination Development and Tambrauw District Government on May 18th. "Because the bird is a sensitive bird, so we have to know a few things," he said. Here are the requirements that travelers must meet.1. Do not wear perfumery or better do not batheCendrawasih is a bird that is very sensitive to smell. Thus, he can breathe in the fragrance of human beings. When tourists come to use perfume or smell of soap, birds that become icon Papua will be reluctant to reveal themselves. Therefore, it is better not to bathe first time will observe the paradise.2. Keep your voiceIn addition to not recommended bathing, while observing the paradise, tourists should keep the sound. Therefore, birds nicknamed bird of paradise is very sensitive hearing. In a radius of hundreds of meters, he can hear human voices.3. Hide behind a treeBirds of paradise are very sensitive to sight. He can see human movements from the height of his point of flying or perching. So, in order not to be detected by the eyes of paradise, tourists should hide behind the trees.4. Using dark colored clothesUse dark shirt to avoid undetected paradise. Brown, dark green, and black shirts will make the observer able to flirt with the natural surroundings.5. Physical preparation and patienceWatching cendrawasih does need a struggle. Can not instantly watch it like in a zoo. In the wild, tourists need to enter and walk into the forest is still tight.Unpredictable terrain and trunks and tree roots that are still freely crossing make tourists must be very careful. Not to mention be observant to observe the stoning spines or animals that may be encountered. So that, usually, the physical condition and stamina must be fit so as not to collapse in the street.Patience must also be nurtured because it takes a long time to wait for the cendrawasih appears. But all the struggle will be paid after watching the colorful feathered birds sing loudly and dance agile.5. Wake up in the morningLike chasing the rising sun landscape, watching the paradise should also be done early in the morning. Because, usually, the birds will play in the forest at 06.00-10.00. "After that they'll go out for a meal and come back late afternoon or evening," Vince said.

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