Free West Papua : West Papua Regional Police distribute Free Groceries

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West Papua Police distributed 500 packages of basic food to the community around, Wish Marioto and Maruni, Thursday (7/6) ahead of this afternoon. This was done to welcome the 72nd anniversary of Bhayangkari.
West Papua Police Chief, Brigadier General Rudolf A Rodja, said his side wanted to share their love with the community around Polda area. "Do not look at the size, but we from the Polda PB want to share. We want our neighbors to feel our presence here, "he said.
Not only the community, Hidayatullah Andai pesantren also received basic needs. A total of 100 packages submitted for the pesantren. Responsible for Santri Hidayatullah, Maulana Muhammad expressed his gratitude to West Papua Regional Police.
"This activity is very good. In the future, this activity needs to be continued. On behalf of the
pesantren also give appreciation because Kapolda and pesantren routinely do activities together, "he said.

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