Free West Papua : West Papua Liberation Army Claims Shooting Claim in Nduga

The West Papua National Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the shootings in Nduga, Papua that killed three civilians, one of them children. Twin Otter PK-RYU aircraft belonging to Trigana Air airline was shot at Kenyam Airport, Nduga District, Papua, Monday (25/6) at about 10 o'clock.

The shooting occurred when the plane was heading to the parking lot (taxi out) from the runway. The aircraft carries 18 members of Brimob who are in charge of securing simultaneous elections in Nduga District, Papua. Three civilians, including a child, were killed in a gun battle. They are identified as citizens of South Sulawesi. The pilot Captain Ahmad Abdillah Kamil suffered injuries due to exposed bullet flakes in the back. The bullet hit the back of Kamil, as the separatist movement shoots the plane that will land at Kenyam Airport.

Reported by the Radio New Zealand news website (, Papuan separatist soldiers claimed responsibility for the deaths of three civilians, including boys they say hit by stray bullets. "The shot took aim at the boy's father, but the boy panicked and hugged his father, then hit a stray bullet in his cheek," the separatist soldier said in a report cited by Radio New Zealand.
Both boys' parents were also killed. They are migrants from South Sulawesi, who, according to Papuan separatist soldiers, are traders in Nduga Town. Papuan separatist separatist spokesman Sebby Sambom said it fired at them for removing a pistol. "People from Sulawesi, he took the position of holding a gun and shot the Papuan Liberation Army.That's why the liberation army shot him and his wife and son came and hugged him and his wife was shot," Sambom said as reported by RadioNZ.

Sambom said the boy's death was unintentional. But he accused the father of the child was one of the migrants from other parts of Indonesia to Papua to become an undercover intelligence agent to help the Indonesian army. "We recognize them, we have data," Sambom said. "Some Indonesian civilians became merchants, when in fact they were Indonesian intelligence agents.The Indonesian army and police gave them shops or shop houses to trade, they were everywhere," Sambom said.

Head of Papua Police Public Relations Commissioner Ahmad Kamal said civilians who had been living in the vicinity of Kenyam Airport. Shooting of aircraft at Kenyam Airport also occurred on Friday (22/6) last week. Twin Otter aircraft belonging to the airline Dimonim Air PK-HVU was shot when about to land at around 13:05.
As a result of the shooting, the plane leaked on the front, seven pieces of broken aircraft wires, damaged manifest book and ko-pilot right ankle, Irene Nur Farida hit by bullets. The shooting incident also often targeted the patrols of the security apparatus and transport of Freeport mine employees in Papua.

Since last year, Papuan separatist soldiers launched an attack on Nduga on the plateau. Two Indonesian national troops (TNI) died in December. Papuan separatist forces want independence from Indonesia and call Indonesia a colonist.

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