Free West Papua : Trans West Papua Soon Inaugurated

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Reported from CNN,  West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan declared the operation of the trans road in West Papua Province area to be inaugurated.
Currently, he claims that the West Java Regional Pvice Working Units XVII is working hard to finalize road construction between the district and the province,
The plan, the inauguration of the road will be done by President Joko Widodo after Lebaran 2018. The plan was delivered when the President visited last April and get a positive response.
"So, at that time I conveyed that the West Papua government after Lebaran will inaugurate the operation of the trans road." He immediately responded while inviting the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) to use motor from Teluk Wondama to Papua Nabire, "he said, quoting Antara, Monday (11/6).
Nevertheless, so far, Dominggus said there has been no information from the Ministry of PUPR or the presidential palace related to the planned visit.
He claimed to have not coordinated more intensively related to the planned visit of the former Governor of DKI Jakarta.
"We are waiting for the regions to prepare themselves to inaugurate West Papua Trans Road, hopefully the President can attend," he concluded.
Previously, overall, the Ministry of PUPR mentioned the length of trans-Papua road reaching 4,330 kilometers in West Papua and Papua has been completely translucent in 2019.

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