Free West Papua : Tourism Papua Department Will Complete Places In Jayapura

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Department of Tourism and Creative Economy of Papua Province, plans to beautify a number of tourism places in the city of Jayapura and surrounding areas. The move is done by coordination steps involving Jayapura City Tourism Office so that the future of tourism data is terinvenstarisir and can be addressed. "We will beauty tourism, so we will not open new tourist objects because it will lead to many problems such as hak ulayat and others," said Head of Tourism and Creative Economy of Papua Province, Yoseph Matutina told reporters in Jayapura.
According to him, during this time a number of existing attractions in Jayapura City is managed by indigenous people, while the Provincial Government must foster managers, so that when PON XX in Papua, people are ready. "What is directly facing the tourists is the local community, so there needs to be guidance for them to be better again, there will be training as tour guide and so on," he said.
Recorded tourism potential in Papua is very much and interesting, but admittedly must be really recorded well in order to be managed and promoted properly. A number of very interesting areas that include Biak and Supiori which will now be developed and promoted.
Elyasa auri, Papua Public Relief Assistant, asked dispar to apply a development pattern that really sides with people's economy to manage tourism, "and it should be a priority". According to Auri, tourism development must also adapt to objective conditions and characteristics in each region that emphasize human resource capability.
Including the apparatus as a planner and executor of development, managerial readiness, ability and ability Dispar apparatus work, "he said.

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