Free West Papua : TNI Investigate Their Soldiers were taken hostage by KKSB Papua

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Kodam XVII Cenderawasih is still investigating reports of TNI soldiers taken hostage by armed civilian criminal groups (KKSB) in Tinggineri, Yambi District, Puncak Jaya Regency, Papua.
Pangdam XVII Cenderawasih Maj. Gen. George Supit acknowledged that his party received reports of members of Battalion 753 of Pratu who were members of the Security Precinct Security Task Unit taken hostage KKSB led Legagak Telengen since early June.
"It is currently under investigation to confirm whether it is held hostage or any other factor, and this is being explored," said Maj. Gen. George Supit to Antara in Jayapura, Saturday (16/6) night.
It is said George, previously reported the soldier was taken hostage with his girlfriend (girlfriend) and not his wife.
"Hopefully the person is not tortured and the Cenderawasih Kodam is still continuing to make efforts to release," said George while making sure when the KKSB arrested in question did not carry weapons.
Talagen Legagak group also known to attack the TNI patrol in Yambi on Saturday (16/6).
In the incident five TNI soldiers were injured, including three of whom suffered gunshot wounds.
The five wounded soldiers of the army, the Infantry GP captain, were hit by a bullet in the left eye's temple and left arm, Prada EK suffered a bullet wound in the left arm, and Praka S was hit by a bullet in his right thigh.
Then Pratu BS and Pratu R got gunshot wounds in the thighs.

Source : CNN Indonesia

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