Free West Papua : Terror Happens in Papua, Demonimized Shot Aircraft

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The Indonesian National Army (TNI) called the armed Separatist Criminal Group (KKSB) again spread terror in Nduga, Papua, Friday (22/6). A Dimonim plane was fired upon when it landed.
Kapendam XVII / Cenderawasih Colonel Inf Muhammad Aidi stated that at 13.05 WIT at Keneyam Airport, Nduga District, Papua, there was a shooting of the Twin Otter Dimonim Air PK-HVU aircraft carried out by KKSB at the time of landing at the end of the runway of Keyam Airport. The plane departed from Timika to Kenyam.
"As a result of the shooting the aircraft leaked on the front, 7 parts of the aircraft cable broken, the book manifest damaged and right ankle Co Pilot hit by bullet flakes," said Aidi in a written statement received Republika, Saturday (23/6).
Furthermore, from the information collected, right at the end of the airport runway, the plane was shot by KKSB which hit the front of the aircraft into the plane causing Co Pilot to be hit by bullets.
The aircraft carries 16 civilian passengers and one police officer in charge of Kenyam Police, Good Bripda. The crew includes Pilot Nelson Kasenda (51 years); Co Pilot Irena Nur Fadila (25 years); and Gunawan Casting Engineer (45 years).
After the Aircraft Dimonim Air arrives at the Airplane Parking, all the passengers get off safely and the crew directly reports the incident to the Police who happened to be in the area of Kenyam Airport.
"The co-pilot of Irena Nur Fadillah who was shot was treated for an ankle injured by a bullet serpiha by Bintara Kesehatan Koramil Nduga," Aidi said, as quoted by Suaramerdeka.
Police and Military Command XVII / Coverawasi Nduga territory coordinate to implement security. Regent Nduga Yarius Gwijangge also arrived at the Airport and coordinated with the authorities.
At 14.23 WIT after it is confirmed that airport security can be controlled Aircraft Dimonim Air flies back to Timika by not carrying passengers. As an additional explanation that the plane is a plane subsidized by the Nduga District Government to assist public transport.
"Until now, the motive of the shootings is not known yet, and the shootings of the group who are also still under investigation," Aidi said.
However, he added, the current situation around the Airport in particular and in general in the Kenyam Nduga region is under control. Security forces continue to raise awareness to ensure public safety.

Source : Sketsanews

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