Free West Papua : Seven Papuan NPC Athletes Take Test Event APG 2018 in Jakarta

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Reported from Pasificpos, A total of 7 athletes National Paralympic Commite (NPC) Papua was called following the Test Event Asian Para Games (APG) in Jakarta. Events Test Event Asian Para Games is held by Kemenpora, starting from 25 June to 3 July 2018. The athletes are called the 3 athletes from athletic sports and 4 athletes from the swimming pool. Chairman of NPC Papua H. Jaya Kusuma, said the seven athletes will compete with athletes from other provinces.
"We are glad that there are Papuan athletes who are called, this is also an event to measure the extent of the ability of athletes who conduct national training (Pelatnas) to be prepared at Asian Para Games 2018 or otherwise known as the 3rd Asian Difabel Sports Party in Jakarta, 06-13 October 2018, "said Jaya Kusuma told reporters in Jayapura on Monday (6/11/2018).
The man who also served as South Jayapura District admitted that NPC Papua will depart to Jakarta after Idul Fitri celebration with the power of 7 athletes and 3 official. "After Lebaran, we immediately headed to Jakarta. If athletics will be contested in GBK and Swimming in Aquatik prepared for Asian Para Games, "he said. It is expected that athletes who are sent following the test event can provide the best achievement results, even able to balance the same ability with Pelatnas athletes prepared for APG 2018.
"Although athletes have been training pelatnas for 6 months, but we are still optimistic there will be athletes we can menyanyingi them, because it does not close the possibility of our athletes can be re-elected pelatnas with the remaining time of several months," he hoped. It was revealed that the 4 athletes from the swimming pool include Budiman Youwe, Max Tepapamara, Arkelous Waromi, and one Papuan child from being disabled. While Attractive sports are Zeth Baransano, Engelina, and Maria Will.
"I hope they can give the best performance for NPC Papua. From Zeth Baransano's athletics this will go down the run number 100, 200 and 400 meters, if Engelina rejected and throwing, "Added, for athletes Maria Will and Engelina are currently still doing the exercises in Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency. While Zeth exercises in Mandala City Jayapura, as well as athletes swimming athletes, and swimming pool.
"This Ivent Test is all sport competed to measure APG 2018 athletes. Our seven athletes are also centered on their set, because our athletes are also the best athletes owned by Papua, let alone they are prepared for the National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) 2020 in Papua," the lid.

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