Free West Papua : Raja Ampat Police Offering Worship Safeguard Sunday at Churches in Waisai Town

The Raja Ampat Police Officers Hold Sunday Worship Services at Churches in Waisai Town. Sunday (03/06/2018) at 09.00 WIT.
Sunday is a holiday and Sunday is a very important Day for Christians where Sunday is a time for Christians to worship.
To ensure the implementation of the Sunday worship service in a safe and orderly manner decrease the Police Personnel of the King To perform Security in the Churches namely Alfa Omega Church, Materdey Catholic Church, Pentecost Zion's Pentecost Church, GKI Bkit Olive Church, GPDI Jemat Aleteia, GPI Sakinah and Church HKBP Galilea Waisai.
This church's safeguarding is done at Morning Worship At 09.00 wit and for Alfa Omega Church there is a night service at 18.00 wit Kabag Ops Komlol Achmad Rumalean, SH who leads the nets Security in Churches says This kind of peace we continue to improve to ensure our brothers and sisters religious Christians practice worship safely and this is also a form of the presence of the State in the midst of society where lately worship houses such as churches became the target of terrorism so we from the Raja Ampat Police will always be present in every activity of worship house both church and mosque which is in Waisai City.
As long as the Security goes to date the Kamtibmas situation in the Raja Ampat District Police area is safely in controlled order.

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