Free West Papua : Plt Director of RSUD Yowari asks people to keep clean and facilities

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Daily duty executor (Plt) Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Yowari Jayapura District, dr. Petrollena Marcia Risamasu, invites people visiting the hospital to help maintain the cleanliness of the environment and existing facilities, in order to create comfort for all.
"Related to the trash used the patient and the patient's family, it is already we provide trash cans. When viewed in every corner there is already a large trash can. But the awareness to throw garbage in place that is not there, "she said, when met Jubi in his office on Wednesday (6/6/2018).
Petrollena said the garbage scattered alongside the barrel like paper, tisue, diapers, and other garbage, is proof that hospital visitors have not yet had the awareness of throwing their sampats in place.
"I would like to invite the visiting community to obediently maintain the cleanliness and facilities that are here. Do not we mutually reject each other, blame each other, but with a high awareness so that when they uses it also feel comfortable, "she said.
Petronela explained that on one hand, RSUD has a janitor. However, she admitted, the hospital has not been able to provide optimal hygiene service. For that she hopes there is community cooperation that visits for cleanliness in hospitals is well preserved.
"To do everything in RSUD this can not directly in an instant but the process must happen slowly and awareness to the community must exist," she said.
To implement it she started from every employee in RSUD Yowari, especially in the convenience of patient care at this hospital.
"Sometimes they are ferocious at the same service so just waste their garbage. Accidentally throw garbage to vent her frustration through it, it might be like that. For that people also need to be aware because it can not immediately be done immediately, "said Petronela.
Chief cleaning officer Yowari Hospital, Dominggus Beam Wenda, when contacted Jubi, said about keeping the cleanliness in the hospital environment, it was always reminded but not ignored by the patient's family.
"I always tell visitors to not waste any garbage. I've bought a megaphone to announce it to the visitors in every room to keep the patient out and cleaning the service that works inside the room, "he said.
He said the truth is that making garbage piled up in the hospital area is not the patient but the visitors or those who take care of the patient.
"What makes the hospital dirty is the patient's family from far away. They eat and sleep in the hospital. Spit of areca nut and other rubbish thrown away in any place, although already told but still done, "said Beam Wenda.

Source : Tabloidjubi

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