Free West Papua : Papua Will Be Free From Waste by 2020

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Reported from PacificPos, the Papua Provincial Government plans to free Papua from waste by 2020, and to succeed PON XX. The declaration coincides with the World Environment Day commemorative anniversary every 5 June.
Acting Governor of Papua, Soedarmo said awareness of restrictions on the use of plastic waste should be implanted in each other's personal. Included in each Regional Device Work Unit (SKPD).
"Free plastic waste also for the successful PON 2020, included in the imitation of Birds of Cenderawasih. All this can be achieved with mutual consciousness, "explained Soedarmo, Monday (4/6).
Former Aceh Governor added that the limitation of plastic waste should be started from family, including to RT / RW. "Do not forget to prepare the trash that will be used to accommodate plastic waste, to be recycled," said Soedarmo.
Meanwhile, Head of the Provincial Office of the Environment of Papua, Martha Mandosir said Papua free of plastic waste must be done with a real program. And successful PON by 2020.
He said, there are four targets to be achieved on successful PON later, namely environmental success, organizational, economic and achievement. So, the movement we do after this declaration is with strict regulation.
Therefore, we will make a circular governor related to the campaign of Papua free of waste, protection of birds of paradise to the bupati / mayor in Papua.
Described, it will create a more real program for the community. "We will ask the community how to love plastic waste by using, because we have 3 R program (Ricel, recycled and has economic benefits).
In addition it will reduce the waste bin in all districts and cities. "But we must strengthen from the institutional system, at least we have 1 unit of waste management, we just have an environmental lab now." he explained.
Then it will socialize for this garbage can be utilized, for example for fashion, bags and others. "From this vigorous hrus there really is reciprocity and it takes a long time to change the way people live.
It is said, Jayapura City BLH Data Service per 2016, in one year plastic waste production in Jayapura City estimated 368 tons.
Plastic bags that become garbage in the city of Jayapura, not all are taken to the Final Disposal Place (TPA), but many are dumped into the water which then brought to the sea.

Source: PacificPos

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