Free West Papua : Papua are Open for Everyone

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On 18 June 2018, at the 38th session of the Human Rights Council, UN HIgh Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein addressed his concerns on human rights in Papua. Zeid concerned that despite positive engagement by the authorities in many respects, the Government's invitation to his Office to visit Papua - which was made during his visit in February - has still not been honored.
The above mentioned statement then echoed by Phelim Kine, the Deputy Director Asian Division for Human Right Watch. Kine tendentiously accused Indonesian government is hiding something in Papua by putting restriction on Media Freedom and Right in Papua.
Both statements are not true at all, because it is contrary to the facts that exist in Papua, today. Papua is currently very open to any media, human rights organizations, local and foreign tourists, as well as the public. The ongoing development by the Government initiated by President Joko Widodo for Papua, is one proof of equity to gain a more respected human rights in Papua. Meanwhile, the conditions in Papua that arn't always ideal to be visited by foreigners, so it needed to be coordinated and communicated, as well as advance arrangements related to the visit will be done. In this regard, the close coordination and communication between the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Indonesian Authority is absolutely necessary. Then, we need to appreciate the invitation of Indonesia and await its application.
Furthermore, all parties need to stop the negative prejudices, in this regard, because we all continue to work to build Papua, making Papua more advanced, to be well known in the international.

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