Free West Papua : A number of Regional Leaders Attended the Opening of Lake Sentani Festival 2018

The opening of the 11th Lake Sentani Festival (FDS) in 2018 at the Khalkote Tourism Coast Area was also attended by a number of regional leaders such as Pj Papua Governor, Mayor of Jayapura, Keerom Regent, Sarmi Regent and Mamberamo Raya Regent.

Regent of Jayapura, Mathius Awoitauw, in his speech at the opening of FDS-11 in 2018 said the implementation of FDS this time began to be managed by third parties.

Ten years ago FDS went with the government and society. The same thing is expected to run well even though FDS is already managed by a third party.

Regent Awoitauw also gave thanks to all parties who have supported FDS 2018 implementation.

"In the transition from government to third parties there are a number of things that need to be addressed. Nevertheless, FDS keeps running as usual for all of us, "explained Regent Awoitauw, when met at the Khalkote Coast Area of ​​Harapan District Village Sentani Timur, Tuesday (19/6/2018).

Chairman of FDS 2018 Acceleration Implementation, Septinus Rumaseb, reported the 2018 FDS implementation will take place from June 19 to 21 by utilizing two different places.
Beach tour of Khalkote as a center of cultural activities and exhibitions, handicrafts of Papuan mama-mama, as well as regional specialties.

"There is another stage on the ex football field Sentani, where the stage will feature a number of youth art creations through yospan competition, modern dance, stand up comedy, and other entertainment that will be filled by Trio Papua," he said.

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