Free West Papua : Muslim Timika Holds Eid Pray at Timika Indah Field

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Muslim Timika, Friday (15/6) to the field of Timika Indah to the body of the road Belibis in the implementation of prayer Sdul FItri 1syawal 1439 H. Eid is themed traits ketaqwaan as a reflection of true victory on the day that FItri.
Ustd. H. End Iribaram in hotbahnya explain, on this feast of Eid al-Fitr we celebrate the victory that is achieved, the victory over lust and victory over the cursed demon and his troops. But of all that, the wisdom of the most important victory for us is the success of clothing taqwa that makes us so noble in the sight of Allah SWT.
Eid is a big day that we celebrate, this is a day full of love, this is a day that has been able to deter people from various actions mudharat. Today criminal acts decline drastically, makziat and fahisyah acts descend to the nadir, almost no criminals are arrested, the court of crime stops for a moment.
Wars, massacres, oppression also vanished for a while. Our worldly orientation that tends to decorate work spaces, offices, entertainment venues, on-site shopping, on land and in the sea is also temporarily dimmed. Noise of the city, pacing back and forth in the streets of the halls in the markets and malls as well as busy in the offices, in the factories for a moment quietly change the sound of takbir tahmil and tahlil.
Uztad Iribaram explains, in this blessed day, the world filled with peace in the beautiful nuances of friendship, sharing and greet each other decorate amid echo takbir, tahmid and tahlil that continue to reverberate. That is the cry of our victory after a full month of fasting, not just a mere physical triumph by simply defeating the lust of the stomach and our sexual desires. To be more than that, we have succeeded in winning our ultimate orientation or destiny over worldly lusts.
"Let us reflect and reflect for a moment the triumph of the outcome of the struggle endowed by Allah through His ramadhan," he said in a hotbah.
Isya Allah is able to defend in everyday life as characteristic of our devotion. Among the victories it is
1. Our generosity defeats the miserliness and greed
2. Our sincerity that defeats the nature of riya
3. Self-control that overcomes the nature of indulgence
While other Muslims held Sholad Id in each mosque in the City of Timika.

Source : Sinarpapua

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