Free West Papua : The Manokwari SAR Team Carries Out a Full Alert in Anticipation of Accidents

The Search and Rescue Team (SAR) of the Manokwari Search and Rescue Office, West Papua, carries out a full alert to anticipate accidents during the Lebaran holiday 2018. Head of Manokwari Search and Rescue Office, Ludi Yanto, said Tuesday, in addition to personnel, his side also lowered the operational support fleet.

During this Lebaran holiday, he said, the placement of personnel focused on recreational areas, ports, airports, as well as post Lebaran 2018 security. "Especially in places of recreation, let alone most of the recreation areas in our region there are beaches .. Filling the holiday crowds crowded crowded tourist attractions," said Ludi. Alert is also done mainly in Manokwari and Teluk Wondama. Anticipation of accidents is done on the flow back and forth. He mentioned, at this time backflow from Manokwari have started to look especially that utilize sea transportation mode.

On Monday (18/6), continued Ludy KM Sirimau out of Manokwari bring about 707 passengers. At that time his personnel evacuated one passenger who suffered epilepsy pain to board the ship. "There has been no passenger hikes, either port or airport, so far Manokwari, South Manokwari, Teluk Wondama and Bintuni Bay are still conducive," he said. Ludy added that the placement of personnel and fleet operations will be carried out until the peak of Lebaran flow back. Coordination was routinely done either to the Police, TNI, Transportation and other relevant agencies.

"We all certainly hope, the activities of going home and public holiday run smoothly, cooperation between agencies has been pretty good," he concluded.

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