Free West Papua : Lake Sentani Festival Supports National Tourism Target

Sentani, the Bupati of Jayapura Mathius Awoitauw said the central government in 2019 said that around 20 million foreign tourists will come to Indonesia. The target is already part of the Government of Jayapura Regency to prepare all the tourist attractions on Bumi Khena Mbai Umbai.

According to him, Lake Sentani Festival (FDS) is an integral part of a series of regional tourism promotion activities.

"I order with a song that is commonly shared by us all that Papua is a small heaven that fell to earth. Therefore, the target given by the central government should we support it well, "said Regent Awoitauw, after opening the activities of FDS in Beach Tours Khalkote Sentani, Tuesday (19/06/2018).

Regent Awoitauw said that not only FDS is implemented but there are some cultural activities that have been routinely scheduled.

"People have been looking for anyone who will visit their respective places. In the way we want it directly. In addition to FDS there is another Tanah Merah Bay Festival that becomes part of our cultural promotion event, "he said.

A member of the community who took part in FDS activities, Iknatius Yoku, said the regional promotion event which was given by local government was very good. But cultural events such as the ongoing festival should also be better organized.

"In the festival we celebrate as performers and artists are used as part of those who do this. Should be considered and repaired properly first. Procedures can be run well, "he said.

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