Free West Papua : Jayawijaya Must Be a Good Democracy Example

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Pjs Regent of Jayawiya Regency Doren Wakerkwa, SH expects Jayawijaya Regency to become a barometer of democracy in the implementation of the elections of the provincial head of Papua as well as the Bupati in the district.
 "I hope Jayawijaya should be a barometer of democracy that is really successful and should be a benchmark for the regencies in the Central Highlands area, because Jayawijaya is the first area so the democracy index should be growing," Doren told reporters in Jayapura on Monday, (18/06/2018).
 He asked that the democratic system should really be given freedom to the people so that democracy can be applied properly and correctly. Doren added that the information is emphasized by certain candidates so that the village head can direct the vote, this should not happen because it is against the law.
 "There is a head of the village directed to direct the time, I hope this does not happen because I know the village head knows custom and understand the rules then it should not follow the flow, but use your democracy right in the jentelmen who wins and who loses, because both candidates are the best son of the mountain boys. candidates of Luke and Wempi have the same birthright so no candidates can press the village head and the diastrian head is wrong not according to the rules, "he said.
He hopes that Jayawijaya people can choose two best sons in a democracy and conscience because the voice of the people is the voice of God. "So far, the KPU's readiness is enough and the ballot for the governor's election is still temporarily distributed in logistics and this week has started to fold the vote, it is expected that the 27th of the year will be executing the Regent and Governor election in Wijayawijaya running smoothly and safely," he concluded.

Source : Nokenlive

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