Free West Papua : Indonesian Armed Forces and Police of the Republic of Indonesia secure the distribution of Mimika Pilkada logistics

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A total of 978 joint personnel of TNI and Polri will be mobilized to help secure logistic distribution of Mimika elections 2018.
Head of Mimika Police Operation, Kompol Toni Upuya in Timika, Wednesday, said the joint apparatus consisted of 438 personnel of Police Mimika, 270 members of Brimob Detachment B Papua Police Pioneer and Brimob BKO Polda DIY and 270 TNI soldiers in Timika.
"They will be assisted by 1,238 members of Linmas, especially at the time of voting later in each polling station in 18 districts," said Toni.
According to him, the Mimika Pilkada logistics must be confirmed on site on the second day before voting. This is to anticipate Mimika geographical condition that some of its districts located in coastal areas and mountains.
"The day we are still coordinating with the Regency KPU Mimika associated with all readiness because we know yesterday (19/6) has been coordinated for printing the ballot today (20/6)," he said.
He also said that Mimika Police Chief AKBP Agung Marlianto has ordered his staff to assist pilkada pilot in preparing a number of things that need to be completed for the smooth running of the vote on 27 June.
"For the Papua Pilgub logistics is ready, the ballot paper has been folded while we are still waiting for the ballot paper printed in Makassar," he said.
Voting on local elections simultaneously in Mimika to elect the Regent and Vice Regent of Mimika and the Governor and Deputy Governor of Papua will be held in 650 polling stations spread over 18 districts.
Mimika Regional Election Commission (KPUD) has determined the List of Permanent Voters (DPT) Pilkada Mimika 2018 as many as 233,125 people. With the number of male voters? 129,882 people and women voters? 103,243 souls. As for the number of polling stations (TPS) as much as 650.
The following is the number of polling stations and voters in each district, among others, the number of polling stations in West Mimika as many as 1,802 voters.
TPS in Alama district is 13 and the number of voters is 1,886. TPS in the Hoya district is six, and the number of voters is 1,092.
TPS in the district of Central Mimika as many as seven polling stations with the number of voters as much as 1966. TPS in the far western district of Mimika with a total of 1,464 voters.
TPS in Jila district is 12 with 2,803 voters. TPS in Jita district is 10 with total voters 1,606. TPS in Agimuga district is eight with 675 voters.
TPS in West Mimika district as many as seven with the number of voters, 1,169 people. TPS in the Amar district is six with a total of 1,391 voters.
TPS in the Iwaka district were 18 with a total of 6,655 voters and in the district of Far East Mimika as many as seven polling stations with a total of 2,160 voters.
Tembagapura District has 46 polling stations with a total of 16,548 voters and in Kwamki Narama District with 34 TPS with 9,534 voters. A total of 97 TPS are scattered in Wania district with 43,899 voters.
A total of 10 TPS spread in Kuala Kencana district with the number of voters as much as 19,303. East Mimika District there are 16 polling stations with 5,328 voters. New Mimika District there are 296 polling stations with a total of 113,845 voters.

Source : Antaranews

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