Free West Papua : Holding a Bazzar in Manokwari, Disperindag West Papua Cooperate with Distributor

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Reported form Papuabaratoke.comHolding a Bazaar in Manokwari. Department of Industry and Trade (Disperindag) West Papua Province will hold a number of distributors of basic commodities to implement cheap market in Manokwari regency. Where the location is centered in Borarsi field there will be for three days, ie 7-9 June 2018.
The Bank of Indonesia Representative of West Papua succeeded handsets cheap market later, because in addition to cheap markets will also be made currency exchange by the BI West Papua.
This was conveyed by Head of Disperindag of West Papua, George Yarangga to Papuabaratoke on Monday (4/6/2018) in his office.
Asked to readiness, he said, it is ready and still implemented to help the people in meeting the needs of basic commodities, because in addition there are currency exchange, will also be sold chicken eggs, cooking oil, rice, flour, various drinks and other basic needs. Even the price is claimed to be cheaper in the market.
Continue Yarangga, each distributor will open the market post cheap, because this cheap market activity will be opened from morning until late afternoon. All residents are welcome to take advantage of this activity to meet the needs of each kitchen.
In addition to the cheap market in Manokwari district, Disperindagkop will also carry out similar activities in South Manokwari. "We expect this low-cost market to have a significant impact on price stability of goods in Manokwari," added Yarangga.

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