Free West Papua : Getting to Know Nearer Papua and West Papua, Place of the Sun Indonesia

Man with guitar.
Reported from Kompasiana, When the announcement of the topic of choice #KabarDariSeberang others often start from the point of view of tourism, history, and culture, what if this time we depart from the sport?
Papua and soccer are two indivisible poles. With the natural talent that Papuans have, especially in the football branches, the island's name is increasingly fragrant in the competition arena.
Gait Persipura Jayapura in 2014 edition of the AFC Cup to break the history of Indonesian football. They became the first teams to break through the semi-finals before being humiliated by Kuwaiti representative Qadsia SC with a 16-2 aggregate.
Wealth is reflected from the green field
Of course we agree that football is not just a sport. Game style, yel-yel supporters, and club culture culture can reflect the culture and even the political conditions of a region.
Similarly, Cenderawasih Earth Clubs are able to introduce publicly about local wisdom, diversity of flora and fauna, customary clothing, and few traditions of hundreds of tribes inhabiting the island of Papua.
The province of Papua, which since 2007 officially has an expansion named West Papua Province is home to the highest point of Indonesia with Puncak Jaya / Carstensz, in addition to being a habitat for endemic shrimp affair in Wamena and reimani turtles in Merauke. And do not forget the hundreds of regional languages from hundreds of tribes.
But all the jungle of beauty, the vastness of the region, and the potential of Papua and West Papua are also often accompanied by bad news about "development", education, health, separatism, and especially the story of mining that continues to roll every year in our mass media
But is not it really still a lot of stories from what we know about Papua? And it is our duty to be a "green field" that presents a picture of Papua and West Papua. So that our friends all over Indonesia know more, so that we ourselves will become supporters who shout yel-yel to support fellow countrymen on the eastern side.
The news from across the east
For that, we invite Kompasianer all to share in developing Papua through writing, photos, or video in the form of reportage, memories, and opinions concerning all aspects of life in Papua and West Papua Province is in Kompasiana. You do not have to live in these two provinces to be able to follow this proram
Do not forget to label the TimePapuaDanPapuaBarat and KabarDariSeberang on each of your articles. The writing period runs from 11 to 17 June 2018.

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