Free West Papua : Counter Claims OPM Karge Kenayam, Police Chief Call Situation Papua Conducive

Papua Police ensures Kamtibmas condition in general in Papua region, in safe condition. While the claims of the OPM soldiers who control the capital of Kenayam just a figment. The proof after a shootout several hours with TNI Police personnel, the OPM soldiers fled into the forest.
Police Chief of Police Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar said the security conditions in Papua Province ahead of Pilgub and in the implementation of Pilgub today are generally ensured conducive and safe walking.
"Until Wednesday afternoon is all conducive to run smoothly there are some districts that are still obstacles but for the process is running," said Boy Rafli Amar. On the sidelines of monitoring a number of polling stations in the Jayapura region on Wednesday (27/6/2018).
Boy admitted, it has deployed troops to be wary of all acts of terror and security disturbances committed by the Criminal Group of the Armed.
Meanwhile, Kapendam XVII / Cenderawasih Kol Inf M Aidi Nubic said that there had been a shootout between the combined security units of Yonif 755 / Yalet, Brimob Pam Pilkada Papua and the KKSB in the vicinity of Kenayam Airport area.
There was a shoot-out as KKSB fired repeatedly in various places with no clear direction, among others behind the Bappeda Nduga Office, around Kenyam Airport and behind the Nduga District Finance Office.
According to him, the TNI / Polri security forces initially tightened security and tried to identify the direction of the attack. Members of Infantry Battalion 755 / Yalet who saw directly KKSB holding weapons directly reply to the shot.
"There were no casualties from the incident from the security side, while it was not clear whether KKSB had fallen victim or not immediately fled to the forest but received a report from Tourus Gwijangge residents of Setempay that their son Yonggi Gwijangge was 6 years old the wound on the left leg was hit by a stray bullet while he was near his house about 300 meters behind the TNI / Police Forces who were pursuing KKSB After receiving treatment at the Puskesmas the victim returned home because he only suffered minor injuries, "Kapendam said in a written statement which received SINDOnews, Wednesday (27/06/2018)

Source : Sindonews

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