Free West Papua : Cendrawasih Kapendam Ensure Elections Stay Walking in Papua

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Papua elections that will take place tomorrow along with 170 other areas are certainly still running despite the heating up after the shooting of Brimob transport aircraft at Keneyam Airport. This was conveyed by the Head of Information of Military Region XVII Cenderawasih Colonel Infantry Muhammad Aidi.
"We must not surrender in such circumstances, it's just a bunch (attackers), just how many dozen," he said when contacted on Tuesday (26/6).
He said security at Keneyam had been upgraded. Previously, the security of districts such as the settlement in Nduga District was only supervised by the Koramil and Police Station, there were no Polres and Kodim. "So we strengthen," Aidi said.
To ensure the security situation of Keneyam, Commander of Military Region XVII / Cenderawasih Major General TNI George Elnadus Supit and Police Chief of Police Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar also reviewed the situation there.
Nevertheless he claimed the situation was less conducive after the shootings and attacks armed Group of Separatist Armed (KKSB) around Keneyam Airport. The community also had to flee to the military command rayon (Koramil) nearby which is located a few hundred meters from the scene.
Economic activity was paralyzed. But this morning, activity and security conditions began to be conducive. The community has returned to their homes and move. "Afternoon has returned to their homes, so yesterday there was no activity," he explained.
Previously, at around 09:45 WIT, KKSB in Nduga again spread terror by shooting the Aircraft Trigana Air Twin Oter PK YRU who departed from Wamena to Kenyam. As a result, a pilot named Ahmad Abdillah Kamil was hit by bullets in the shoulder and the back of the head.
Four residents around to fall victim. Three of them were killed with gunshot wounds and stabbed while one survived. The aircraft was carrying members of Brimob unit as many as 15 people who will be in charge of implementing security election in Kenyam Kabupate Nduga.
National Police chief Gen Tito Karnavian yesterday suspected that the group's actions relate to regional elections. They intend to intimidate to the community to choose one of the candidate pairs of regional heads in Papua.
"So this event we suspect is a group of weapons for political play," he said.

Source : Jawapos

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