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On April 10, 2018, General Director of Politics and Public Administration of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri), Soedarmo was inaugurated by Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo as Acting Governor of Papua. Former one of the officials of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) will serve as Acting Governor of Papua until the Governor of Papua the results of the election governor inaugurated.
Being acting governor in Papua is different. This province is still categorized as conflict prone areas. Especially in the election period simultaneously this time. The Election Vulnerability Index released by the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) places Papua, the province with the highest vulnerability index. Soedarmo before in Papua, had been Acting Governor in Aceh.
To find out what will be done in leading the Papua Province journalists Jakarta Newspaper, Agus Supriyatna the opportunity to interview the Acting Governor of Papua, Soedarmo, in Jayapura, recently. Here's the complete quote.
Being the Acting Governor of Papua certainly be a challenge because Papua is a province known as conflict prone areas. What obstacles do you face?
I am a soldier, wherever it is assigned to be ready. There are challenges, obstacles and obstacles, every area of assignment must exist. Just how we are, how to approach it. Papua is indeed different. The approach is not just a rule. Must be with heart.
You seem to be a specialist acting governor of a conflict area?
Ha ... ha ... ha ... ha ..... If the commissioner assigns that it should not be rejected. It's a mandate, a trust to be done as well as possible. That's leadership consideration. I just do the best job possible.
You are not afraid to face the protesters in Papua who bring arrows and weapons. What's the tip?
Here, perhaps I have to face protesters. Yes enggak nothing. I went to them. I talked well, approached with my heart. They basically want to be heard. Yes as a leader, we are obliged to listen to what the aspirations of citizens. Yes so far no problem. In fact, they are happy, invited to talk, listen.
You are not afraid?
For what fear. As ordinary people we must be careful. But as long as we intend good, not wrong, God willing no problem.
Papua is rich, but in terms of performance of the government there is still much to be addressed. What's your step to fix that?
Yes I have asked local heads of districts / cities in Papua to evaluate performance. Papua is still listed as an area that can be said to need serious improvement.
So I met the head of the region, I asked to evaluate the performance of the government, the period of want to be able to continue the category of the lowest ranked provinces. I affirm that they must find out where the problems that could lead to low report on the performance of his government.
I am sure every problem can be overcome. It is hoped that there will be synergy, togetherness between provinces and every district / city, then interorganization of regional apparatus, assistants and expert staff in Papua Province Government.
In the future must synergize, rebuild, improve the performance of each function and main task. Where exactly it is easy, just fill in the parameters that have been provided, it's just sometimes ignored.
Your hope?
Yes I expect by 2019, there is an improvement in performance, where it will continue to be encouraged and do not work slowly. Must have speed in improving performance. Actually not because of the quality of human resources, but indeed because there is less willingness.
In recording e-ID cards, Papua is one of the lowest progress provinces. You initiate the separation of the Social Service of Population and Civil Records of the Province of Papua into two districts. What consideration?
Yes, the separation is to be more effective in performing the task. Separation to speed up the various programs that have been made both regionally and nationally. So far the main tasks and functions of the service is indeed running, but seems slow because many programs. These include those in the regions (districts / cities). If there is still such a forward is recommended to be separated only.
The two departments of the Department of Social Affairs and Population of Civil Registration must be separated, so that every work program can run and employees can work optimally. To my knowledge, only in Papua alone the Social Service and the Population Service of Civil Registry are combined.
I do not know what the background is, but it has to be seen how the Department of Population and Civil Registry is implementing its task to be able to speed up service to the community. Acceleration of the service, among others related to e-ID card, birth certificate, and other activities related to population administration should be more focused service.

Source : Koran-Jakarta

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