Free West Papua : Bank Papua prepares Rp 1.8 trillion for cash money to face Eid Mubarak

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Bank Papua provides currency of Rp 1.8 trillion with small coins or small fractions of Rp 465 billion to face this year's Idul Fitri holiday.
Head of Marketing Division of Bank Papua, Wastu Anggoro, said that in welcoming Ramadan and Idulfitri, the focus of banks in general, including Bank Papua, is how to meet community needs related to the availability of currency.
"We have requested Rp1.8 trillion in currency from Bank Indonesia to Bank Indonesia. This amount is up compared to the previous year which amounted to Rp 1.3 trillion. For small denominations as much as Rp 465 billion of Rp 20 thousand, Rp 10 thousand, Rp 5 thousand, Rp 2,000, and Rp 1,000 thousand, "said Wastu to Jubi, Monday (4/6/2018).
Wastu said this effort is also to anticipate money demand from customers during peak season Lebaran which is long enough time.
Bank Papua also plans to participate in low-cost market activities by including business debtors and will involve them to be able to conduct non-cash financial inclusions at the time of the activity.
"Obviously, the price will also be cheaper than the market price, especially for goods that give inflation pressure," he said.
Jayapura City ranks seventh nationally and Sulawesi Maluku and Papua (Sulampua) and Merauke sixth in national and Sulampua.
The Head of BPS Statistics of Papua, Bambang Ponco Aji, said that inflation in calendar year in Jayapura City in May was 2.78 percent and inflation year on year (May 2018 to May 2017) was 4.36 percent. Merauke calendar year inflation in May 2018 was 4.04 percent and year on year inflation was 2.78 percent.
"This is triggered by the increase of transportation fares for food and food," he said.

Source : Tabloidjubi

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