Free West Papua : After Shooting the Aircraft, KKB Papua Tebas Citarga Including Young Children

Jayapura - After firing a Trigana Air plane carrying Papua Election security personnel to Nduga District, the armed civilian criminal group (KKSB) also snatched the residents with machetes. As a result three people died, and one small child suffered serious injuries.

"After shooting the plane, KKB then shoot and snatch the citizens, causing three people died and two wounded sabetan machetes," said Head of Public Relations of Papua Police Commissioner Ahmad Mustofa Kamal in Jayapura, Monday (25/06/2018).

Initially KKB Papua shot the Twin Otter Trigana Air PK-YRU aircraft, which brought 15 members of Brimob to Nduga District. The police then chased down the members of the KKB who ran into the stalls of residents at the eastern end of the airport.

"There was a chase and mutual firing took place at the end of the airport to koteka area, housing complex of Nduga District Legislative Council," Kamal said.

After conducting a post-chase sweep, the police found five casualties. Three people died and two others were seriously injured.

The death toll was named Henrik Sattu (35) as the owner of the kiosk who suffered a gunshot wound, Margaretha Pali (20) Henrik's wounded machete and Zaenal Abidin (28) merchants who suffered gunshot wounds. Meanwhile, the wounded who is still being treated is Arjun (6) who is Henrik's son and Brimob member Baharada Bonardo Hutahayan (23).

"At 16.15 WIT, the victim was evacuated to Timika by plane, and three of the dead have been screened, and two injured are still undergoing intensive treatment at Mitra Sehat Mitra Health Hospital in Mimika Regency, Papua," Kamal said

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