Free West Papua : Serving Pinang and Betel in the Voice of Elections Papua Election 2018

Jayapura - Pinang, betel, and lime are the ingredients for nginang that has become the habit of some residents in Papua. As a result, this material was made into one special dish, in one of the polling stations (TPS) in Abepantai Village, Jayapura City, Papua, on election day of Papua Election, June 27, 2018.

According to Rina Imelda, former head of urban village in Abepantai, nginang package is presented in TPS for residents. This dish is a symbol of peace in Papua.
"If there is a tribal problem, we usually sit in the para-para and surely the main present betel nut, betel, and lime," he said on Wednesday (27/06/2018)

Not only that, TPS Pilkada Papua 2018 in Abepantai Village is surrounded with puring leaves which is a symbol of every Papuan cultural feast. "This puring leaves must be present in every moment of indigenous Papuan, we also use for decoration of this TPS," he said.

Rina believes that by combining adat in democracy party Papua Election 2018 or Election of Governor and Deputy Governor (Pilgub) Papua this year, can solve all problems well caused by Pilkada.

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