Free West Papua : West Papua Local Government and Communities are pushed Commitment in Tourism Development

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Reporting from, Vice Chairman of Commission X of the House, Abdul Fikri Faqih, said the West Papuan provincial government needs to commit itself to some issues related to security, destinations and accessibility in tourism development in West Papua. 

Fikri also highlighted the security aspect which also covers the issue of immigration. "There must be an orderly administration of immigration, there is data and supervision on foreigners. Various stakeholders both at the central and regional levels should coordinate, "he told, Wednesday (2/5/2018). 

Fikri also gave attention to local tourism destinations. According to him, a tourism destination needs to be supported by adequate means of infrastructure in the tourist attractions. 

"Of course the hygiene and hospitality of the locals is also essential to support a tourism destination. The friendliness of this population will add an impression to the tourists who come, "continued Fikri.Accessibility aspect is a point that also can not be separated from Fikri attention. This is according to him including the issue of the availability of transportation, the condition of road infrastructure, the existence of airports and so forth that allows tourists to reach the destination with ease. 

Another thing that is also a highlight of this Fikri is about the commitment of the community and local government in realizing the region as a safe area to visit. 

He hopes the strong commitment of the government and society will encourage the improvement of tourism sector in West Papua and can contribute to the increasing number of tourists as proclaimed by the central government. The central government through the Ministry of Tourism RI targets to meet the target of 17 million foreign tourists in 2018.

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