Free West Papua : Zadrak Yaboisembut Join Inter Club Championships in Jakarta

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A native table tennis athlete from Papua, Jayapura District, Zadrak Yaboisembut, from Doyo Baru Village, Sentani Barat District, Jayapura District. Again successfully carve out the achievements and bring the name of Earth Khenambay Umbay in the national sports arena to follow the Inter-Table Tennis Championship club in Jakarta.
Zadrak Yaboisembutsaat 15 years old is sitting in class VIII in one junior high school in Jakarta. Donate a medal for Jayapura Regency in the Raja Ampat Cup Regent Cup 2018, in Raja Ampat Regency, beginning of May 2018.
My son Zadrak Yaboisembut does have a talent in table tennis, while he also training school there (Jakarta). Although my son is in school there, always follow the matches in Jakarta with the name of District Jayapura, "said the father of Zadrak Yaboisembut, Joseph Yaboisembut when asked this daily journalist, in Sentani City,
Jayapura District, on Saturday (5/12/2018) last afternoon.
"Likewise, when there is a match in Raja Ampat, the table tennis officers who are here to pay me to come to play represent the District Jayapura," he said. Admittedly, after the match and also donated a medal, his son immediately departed again to Java to follow the table tennis championships between clubs.
Furthermore Yusuf Yaboisembut explained that the success of his third son Zadrak Yaboisembut in several national and provincial championship events, has brought the good name of Papua province, especially Jayapura regency in table tennis gaitat both at provincial and national level.
"To be able to win medals in the championships between clubs in Jakarta, and the championship at the provincial level is not easy. Having to compete with other table tennis athletes from various regions and provinces in Indonesia. So it is not wrong, if achievement achievement at provincial and national level, can lift big name of Regency of Jayapura at provincial and national level, added man who live in Housing Pemda of Jayapura Regency, Doyo Baru.
To that end, Yusuf Yaboisembut hope, achievement achievement that achieved Zadrak, can be maintained at least, or even improved. So that the achievements of children Khenambay Umbay at national level can continue to increase.
"I as his parents hope Zadrak can play this table tennis well there, if he can be a reliable table tennis player like his seniors and become a player with achievement to be able to bring the name of the region," he hoped.
Meanwhile, Chief Executive of PTMSI Branch Office of Kabupaten Jayapura, Ruddy Noaung, said that as the Head of Pengcab, he is very heartened that there are native children of the local area who have started to play this table tennis sport.
"With the presence of a table tennis athlete on behalf of Zadrak Yaboisembut, who has been practicing for a year in Jakarta. And, this Zadrak athlete has also strengthened PTMSI Jayapura District in the medal race in the event of Regent Raja Ampat Cup Year 2018 which can not linger with us, because Zadrak we have to go first to Jakarta to prepare himself to follow inter table tennis championships club, he said.
Ruddy said that in addition to Zadrak Yaboisembut, there are also some table tennis athletes from local sons namely Metu Sala and Elly Yaboisembut. "Yes, two athletes (Metu Sala and Elly Yaboisembut) are currently we are developing intensively on coaching PTMSI Jayapura District," he added.
"So I as the Chairman of Pengcab and some friends PTMSI management, for this year we have made a special program, namely Table Tennis entrance school. With the hope and purpose, that this program can get positive support from the Jayapura regency and related institutions in charge of sports and education, he explained.

Source : lintaspapua

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