Free West Papua : Yohana Encourages Women Asmat The Spirit of Realizing Equality

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Reported by Republika, Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) Yohana Yembise, Thursday (18/5), visited the District of Asmat, Papua. On that occasion, Yohana said that he will run an ongoing program for Asmat residents, especially women and children.

"We are proud to see the mothers who are present here, we will continue to protect women in Indonesia, children's growth and children's rights without discrimination from Sabang to Merauke," Yohana said in front of the local government apparatus and the community.

Yohana said there are 17 indicators that should be a focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of sustainable development at the international level. One is the fifth indicator, namely equality.

In this case, according to her, women are expected to be in line and equal with men. Thus, the image of women is not only limited to domestic affairs, but as the most important part in the development of a country.

Yohana also emphasized that the related affairs of women and children is a matter of regional obligation in accordance with Law No. 23 of 2014 on Regional Government.

"So every head of the region has a responsibility to give attention in the protection of women and children, and empowerment of women for the sake of families and the development of the state," she continued.

 The same thing was also expressed by Asmat Vice Regent, Thomas Eppe Safanto. He said women and men must complement each other.

"Formerly Papuan women feel incapable of being equal to men, now Papuan women are more eager to advance their economies, so equality for the sake of the country's progress will be accomplished," Thomas said.

In his working visit, Yohana provides food processing training to improve the nutrition of the people there such as sinole, fish content, sago caterpillar, papeda, sago opom and so forth. Furthermore, Yohana dialogue with mama-mama in church and play simulation of family resilience development at Family Learning Center (PUSPAGA).

The simulation was performed for parenting counseling on each family partner. Yohana's activities were closed with a visit to the Regional General Hospital of Agats.

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