Free West Papua : West Papua Province Officially Hosted PON 2020 Facing Papua Province too

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West Papua Province was finally officially agreed to host the National Sports Week (PON) XX 2020 with the province of Papua.
The agreement was signed by the Acting Governor of Papua, Soedarmo and West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan, witnessed by the Chairman of the Central Koni Tono Suratman, Vice Chairman of Koni Pusat Soewarno, West Papua Police Chief, Pangdam Kasuari and a number of other related parties, in Manokwari, the Capital of West Papua Province, Friday, May 25, 2018.
Also present in the opportunity of West Papua agreement As host of PON 2020, among others Sekon KONI Papua, Kogoya Kogoya, Kadisorda Papua Yusuf Yambe Yabdi and a number of administrators KONI Papua and other West Papua.
Pj Papua Governor Soedarmo before signing the agreement said he agreed and welcomed the West Papua provincial government's desire to be involved in hosting the PON in 2020.
"It's not as long as it's been like this, the principle of administration in the near future can be done on time." We from Papua hope and encourage the entire committee to prepare the venues on time.
"Papua and West Papua also have to be compact, do not split.PON implementation must be one antata Papua and West Papua Province.In order not only known all the people of the archipelago but also internationally as well as many advantages not just sporting achievements but other income," said Soedarmo .
He also exemplifies, from the economic side where there will be many people present in the Land of Papua including the athletes and officials. So there will be a lot of revolving funds in Papua and West Papua. As Acting Governor welcomes desire and ready to accept West Papua together to host PON to XX in 2020, "he concluded.
West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan on the same occasion said, West Papua people have a great desire to also host PON 2020. For that reason with the relevant parties have proposed to the Central KONI and communicate with the government and KONI Papua.
"And last of the extraordinary deliberations KONI Center, we are present and also convey the desire of people in West Papua, especially sports lovers," he explained.
He also proposed that in the implementation of PON 2020 later, five sports alias Cabor to be competed in West Papua, each sports Motorcycle racing, Diving, Table Tennis, Parachuting and Football.
"We are preparing the arena for the sports we propose contested in West Papua, our motor racing is building arena in Masni, Selam in Raja Ampat and Football can wear a stadium of Perseman, there could be a football pool that was held in West Papua," said Dominggus Mandacan.

Source : Okezone

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