Free West Papua : West Papua mourned the Surabaya Bombing Event

Residents of Sorong City and Raja Ampat District, West Papua Province carried out a thousand wax actions as an expression of condolences to victims of the suicide bombing that occurred in three churches in Surabaya, East Java.
The action of a thousand wax memorials of victims of suicide bombings in Surabaya conducted by residents of Sorong City on Sunday (13/5) night, centered at Taman Domine Eduard Osok Sorong.
The action was coordinated by the alliance of young members of the Evangelical Christian Church of Klasis Sorong.
While the action of a thousand candles by residents of Raja Ampat Regency to commemorate and pray for the victims of suicide bombings in Surabaya, centered in the area Waisai Beach Kitorang Cinta (WTC) Sunday night as well.
In the action of a thousand candles in Raja Ampat District, youths and locals carry large banners that read "There is no place for you terrorists in this world".
According to Simon, GKI Sorong youth that the action of a thousand candles as a form of concern and condolence of the people of West Papua against victims of suicide bombing in Surabaya church.
He asserted, West Papuans also grieve over the suicide bombing incident that befell the brothers of the country and the country especially the Christians in Surabaya.
West Papua youths strongly condemn acts of terror by irresponsible parties to Christians in Surabaya, because Indonesia is a country that loves peace.
"We hope the people of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke not be provoked by suicide bombing case in Surabaya and remain united to love peace," he said again.

Source : Jurnalsumatra

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