Free West Papua : The Solomon Islands delegation to Indonesia looks for a balanced opinion

Reporting from tabloidjubi, a civil society worker of the Solomon Islands revealed, the purpose of his country delegation to visit Indonesia to seek a balanced opinion on human rights issues of West Papua.
Wilfred Luiramo is one of several members of civil society, elected by the Solomon Islands government to visit Indonesia, including West Papua and Papua Province, last week.
Luiramo said that his involvement was not on behalf of the International Solomon Islands Forum group, which he led, but himself as a civil society activist.
He said the Solomon Islands Government under Prime Minister Rick Hou's government seeks a more balanced approach to human rights in Papua.
"Our relationship with Indonesia will grow and human rights issues in West Papua should not be forgotten. This issue should be part of our reporting document. And in general, Solomon Islands is a Melanesian country, and the West Papua issue is a very sensitive issue for us, we feel that there is still much to do, "said Wilfred Luiramo.
Wilfred Luiramo said the approach taken by the Hou Government on the West Papua issue, in contrast to the previous Manasseh Sogavare government.
In human rights issues, Luiramo says Papuans have different views on the issue of human rights abuses.
"We collect a different view of them. They all do not have the same view, but the problem still exists is how we will try to compile a balanced report document, based on all the information we get. "
Luiramo said the members of the delegation had not completed their report, which would be compiled based on information gathered during the visit.
"We even meet with military generals, governors, and civil society organizations (CSOs), and try to ask questions about their views ... we keep trying to get balanced information."

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