Free West Papua : Promote Lake Sentani Festival, Regent Jayapura visit to Bali

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Reporting from Liputan6, Jayapura Regency Government, Papua will hold Lake Sentani Festival event XI from 19 to 23 June 2018. The event is expected to suck foreign tourists. This time, the event was held "Khenambai umbai, one heart, one soul, for Indonesia".

Jayapura District Government held an art exhibition to introduce Lake Sentani Festival XI in Kuta, Bali from May 7-9, 2018. This is so that information about the festival that displays many works of art and culture is widespread.

The Regent of Jayapura, Mathius Awoitauw explained, the selection of Bali as the location of the exhibition because the Island of God is one of the largest door of foreign tourists in Indonesia. "Bali is famous for tourism, not just local tourism, but also the world," said Mathius in Kuta, Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

Mathius revealed that many international community in the world know more about Bali than Indonesia. For that reason, he considered very appropriate if the exhibition of Lake XIdigelar Lake Festival introduction in Pulau Seribu Pura. "So we intentionally do promotion here, hopefully information about the event that we held can be quickly expanded and known to tourists," he hoped.

On the other hand, he continued, the promotion in Bali was done to learn how tourism actors in Bali manage their destinations. "We want to learn a lot how Bali tourism is managed," he said.

He explained that the organization of this annual event is also an important effort that has been done by the Government of Jayapura Regency to promote and strengthen Jayapura Regency as an alternative tourism and tourism potential worthy to be reckoned with. Also as an effort to be part of the Indonesian Enchantment in Papua Province.

Lake Sentani, Mathius continued, is a pride lake of Jayapura District which is right on the slopes of Cycloops nature reserve. Sentani Lake stretches with an area of about 9,360 hectares and is located at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level (mdpl).

Lake iconic Lake XI Sentani Festival is the largest lake in Papua. A total of 21 small islands with an alluring natural landscape spread over the lake that lies between Jayapura City and Jayapura Regency.
"The name Sentani was first called a missionary named R. Bin Bin who visited in 1898. With the development of the district, Lake Sentani gradually become an easily accessible tourist attraction because it is located about 20 minutes from Sentani Airport," he said.

The event series of Lake Sentani Festival XI will be officially opened on June 19, 2018. This event has been going on since 2007 on a regular basis and has become the annual tourism agenda of Jayapura District Government.

"The implementation of this year will be presenting a number of excellent events, including sago festivals, traditional rituals, cultural festivals, lake music performances, culinary expos and UMKM exhibitions," said Jayapura Regent.

Meanwhile, the peak event will be held on June 23, 2018. "The peak of the event will be a contribution and love of the people of Jayapura Regency, because it will involve students from various parts of Jayapura Regency who have practiced for a full month to present the best mat for their beloved city through colossal dance Khenambai Umbai, "he explained.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya expressed enthusiasm regarding Lake Sentani Festival. According to Arief, Lake Sentani is one of the most interesting natural attractions located in Indonesia's easternmost province.

"Lake Sentani is amazing, good luck at the 2018 Lake Sentani Festival and the whole community in Jayapura" said Minister Arief Yahya.

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