FREE WEST PAPUA : Police Arrest 1 Member of Armed Forces Gunnappers in Papua

The Special Forces (Satgasus) team of Papua Police Headquarters arrested a member of an armed criminal group (KKB), named Yogor Telenggen aka Yellow Card Yoman. The arrests were conducted in Kampung Usir, Mulia District, Puncak Jaya Regency, Papua, Saturday (12/5).

"At the time of arrest Yogor was about to shoot the officer so it was disabled in the right knee" said Police Criminal Investigation Division Brigadier General Herry Rudolf Nahak as head of the Satgasus Papua team in his statement on Wednesday (16/5).

Herry explains, Yogor many involved in a number of shootings in Papua that killed members of the Indonesian National Police and Armed Forces.

"Recently, he was involved in the Sinak shootings, Ilaga District which killed a Kopassus member named Pratu Sandi on February 12," he explained.

In addition, Yogor is also known to participate in the shooting of a police patrol troupe in Kali Semen, Waneggobak Village that killed two members of Brimob in October 2011.

"He is also one of the perpetrators of the shooting of a member of the Papua Police Mobile Brigade who died in Puncak Jaya at the end of January 2011" said Herry.

Yogor has also been involved in the shooting of the Trigana Air plane at Mulia Airport, Puncak Jaya in April 2012. And the shooting at Mapolsek Perime which killed 3 members of Perime Police Sector in late November 2012.

"Yogor has actually been sentenced to life by the court, but he fled from Abepura Prison on January 8, 2016," Herry explained.

From the hands of the perpetrators, the police seized a Pindad G2 type gun from a member and 5 rounds of ammunition. The perpetrators are known to be troops from the National Liberation Army Group / Free Papua Movement Organization of Purom Wenda who had been arrested by special team of Papua Police in March 2013.


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