Free West Papua : PJ Governor of Papua : PON XX 2020 Preparation Has Reaches 70 Percent

Quoted from Kemendagri, Acting Governor of Papua, Soedarmo said that the preparation of Papua Province to host the National Sports Week (PON) XX in 2020 has reached 70 percent. Soedarmo is optimistic that Papua is ready to be a good host for the event between the provinces.

Readiness of Papua to host PON XX 2020, revealed by Soedarmo when presenting the progress of Papua's readiness in front of KONI Members Meeting Members in Indonesia, at Grand Hotel Bidakara Jakarta. According Soedarmo, Papua is ready to host the PON.
"All stakeholders have worked hard to succeed the four-year multi ivent," said Soedarmo who is also Director General of Politics and General Administration of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

For the people of Papua itself, continued Soedarmo, PON event meaning is very important. An honor for the people of Papua, PON held on earth Cendrawasih. This is certainly a pride of its own, Papua is believed to be the host. And this belief is a challenge that must be answered with shared responsibility.
"By holding PON in Papua it will have an impact on development and economy in Papua," he said.

Soedarmo also revealed the readiness of the field. According to him, the field of the game becomes the most important field in the success of the PON event. "The field of PON XX Papua 2020 has completed the readiness for 47 sports with 69 Sports Discipline and 770 Game Numbers, Athletic Quota and 10,485 Officials, 8.896 organizing committee, and match equipment and match supporters," said Soedarmo.

While the readiness of the venue to be used in PON, he said, the progress is quite encouraging. Readiness reached 70%. Living now boosted the completion of the construction of the rest of the newly built venue.

"It will be contracted on May 15, 2018, so the entire venue will be 100% ready by the end of 2019," he said.

Also explained by Soedarmo, that the government of Papua get the allocation of venue according to Presidential Instruction (Inpres) Nomlr 10 Year 2107. In the Inpres mentioned the allocation of venues as many as five arenas namely, Swimming Pool, Istora, Hockey Field, Cricket Field and Velodrome.

"We are saying that the availability of venues in 2020 is ready to host all sports, which are 47 Sports Branches and 69 Sports Disciplines that contest 770 gold medals," he said.

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