Free West Papua : Pemprov Papua To Explain The Culture of Consumption of Drinking A Local Coffee

Quoted from Antara Papua, Provincial Government (Pemprov) Papua proclaimed a culture of consuming food such as sago and drinking local coffee typical of Cenderawasih Earth.

Acting Governor of Papua Soedarmo, in Jayapura on Wednesday, said that in support of the declaration, his side will arrange instructions to all leaders of the Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD), forkompimda, TNI / Polri, hotels, restaurants and restaurants in order to compulsorily provide local menus.

"I want to cultivate and uplift and continue to promote the Cenderawasih Cereals food products more specifically sago and coffee Papua, which is not only a national food but also an international menu," he said.

According Soedarmo, therefore it invites local food in Papua should be empowered continuously in the midst of society, in addition to the OPD in Papua Province also in every activity must obligatory to serve local food sago and coffee Bumi Cenderawasih.
"In Papua the potential of very large local food that can be developed to meet the nutritional needs and economic improvement of the community," he said.

He explained that his party acknowledged if the natural resources that have the potential to improve the welfare of the people of Papua is a superior commodity that lives on Earth Cenderawasih.

"There are ten main local commodities in Papua, namely, sago, coffee, cocoa, coconut, rubber, yam, red fruit, non-timber forest products, pigs and fisheries," he said.

He added that among the ten types of leading commodities according to the results of agribusiness analysis by the Agency for Research and Development of Papua Province shows that sago plants grown in coastal areas and arabica coffee plants that thrives in the mountains are the two main superior commodities priority to be developed in order to improve the welfare of coastal and mountain communities.

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