Free West Papua : Patimburak Mosque, First Mosque in Papua Aged 1 Century

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More than just the beautiful nature, District Kokas, Fakfak District, West Papua Province was also kept a mosque that is not less captivating. The public knew him with the Patimburak Old Mosque. One of the oldest mosques in Papua land that has existed since 1870.
Of course seeing that, now the age of Patimburak Old Mosque about 148 years. Even so, the build is still standing and still used today.
The mosque was originally named Al Yasin Mosque was founded by a priest of the Sultanate of Ternate named Abuhari Kilian. It has a unique design because of the combination between Europe and Indonesia.
Yes, you could say so because if seen from a distance Patimburak Old Mosque looks like a church. Go inside the mosque, you will find four pillars of support like the design of a Javanese building. Also the interior around, looks like a building on the island of Java.
With age more than a century of this Patimburak Old Mosque has been renovated several times. But the renovation did not change the authenticity of the mosque.
First Mosque in Papua
Many thought that the Old Mosque Patimburak is the first mosque in Papua. But it seems the assumption is wrong. There is no literature on the facts.
Based on the records of the Directorate of Protection and Development of Historical and Archaeological Heritage in the book "The Ancient Mosque of Indonesia", there are already two langgar (smaller mosque) built but then no longer standing there.
According to the Patriarchate Old Mosque imam said if the spread of Islam in Kokas is inseparable from the Kingdom of Tidore whose power reaches Papua around the 15th century. Although there is no literature that describes the origin of the presence of Muslims in Fakfak, but in fact 60 percent of Fakfak and surrounding communities embraced Islam.
This indicates if Fakfak is the largest Muslim districts in West Papua. And Patimburak Old Mosque is one of history witnesses.
If you visit Raja Ampat, try to stop at the Patimburak Old Mosque. You will see the beauty of the mosque in Papua. It's not hard to come here.
From Fakfak take a road trip to Kokas. On the way you will meet the winding road with fresh mountain air about 2 hours journey. From Kokas continue to Kampung Patimburak by using longboat about 1 hour.

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