Free West Papua : Papua Forest Service increases the prevention of illegal timber distribution

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Reporting from Antaranews, Papua Provincial Forestry Office continues to increase efforts to prevent illegal timber distribution in the region. Head of Papua Provincial Forestry Office, Jan Jaap Ormuseray, said in Jayapura on Thursday that his party hopes support from all parties including the community to prevent illegal logging, so that the preservation of Cenderawasih forest can be maintained maximally. "We want to convey to unscrupulous people who do forest encroachment, if taking the forest without permission then the government will not remain silent," he said again.
According to Jan, during this time his side together with the police force continue to take preventive steps through socialization in the form of an appeal or make a circular so that people do not do forest encroachment. "Previously, a joint task force team consisting of forestry police and Papua Police Mobile Brigade personnel secured four trucks carrying at least 292 illegally alleged logs to be taken to Jayapura from different places in Jayapura, Sarmi and Keerom districts on Monday (7 / 5) night, "he said.
He explained that 292 logs consisting of 245 merbau logs and 47 logs secured from Kwarja Taja and from Buspun Gresi Selatan are planned to be brought to PT Harangan Bagot in Jayapura City and from Boasom Unurumguay will be brought to sawmills in Sentani , Jayapura District. "Our efforts are to follow up the action plan of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in saving Papua's natural resources and in order to preserve the forests of Papua," he said.
He added that since the transfer of authority of the Forestry Service from districts to provinces as regulated in Law No. 23 of 2014 on Regional Government and Government Regulation No. 18 of 2016 on Regional Devices, caused a vacuum of forestry officials in the district, causing the return of illegal log circulation.

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