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Reported from Investigasi Bhayangkara Indonesia, West Irian history back to the NKRI including the Government Asset belonging to the NKRI, NV NIGIMY is the largest company in eastern Indonesia.

NIGIMY's Office of Import and Export of NV (NIGIMY) Company was in West Irian, on May 7, 1963, in accordance with Presidential Regulation No. 04 of 1963 renamed State Enterprises of West Irian and after the determination of popular opinion (PEPERA) 1969 then the central government handed over the government of the Province of Dati I West Irian in 1970 and renamed the Regional Government of Irian Bhakti so that every May 7 is always celebrated even though it is simple, today (Monday) May 7, 2018 we are still working because of God's mercy Uncover Director Max Olua Msi represented by Director of Commerce & Finance HERU SRU WIRATNO Sp.
On the 55th Anniversary of the year in the Ward Room of PD.Irian Bhakti Office at 10.00 WIT. Heru Adds PD. Irian Bhakti who was once a Trade Monopoly plays a role in PEPERA in this Land, this company has sacrificed with property and all the good wealth in the form of ships and assets of land and buildings and even Nine basic materials (Sembako) given only for the sake of NKRI now coorbisnis we are just Transport Subsidies Rice of State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in Papua and West Papua Districts, and the way to get it according to the prevailing regulations is no longer the appointment of the provincial government of Papua so we must follow the Tender and Auction through LPSE followed by several companies with the completeness of the requirements of participating tender / auction.

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